The Immortalist Society

24355 Sorrentino Court

Clinton Township, Michigan


"Longevity through technology, education, and research"


Immortalist Society Officers:

The Immortalist Society elects its officers on an annual basis. They serve one year terms each and then the whole slate of officers is up for reelection at the next annual meeting. Officers serve from January 1 of the year after they are elected until the last day of December of the year after they are elected. (that is to say, if an officer is elected at an annual meeting which occurs in September, then they begin serving the following January first).

The present Immortalist Society officers are:



York W. Porter

(e-mail address:


Vice President:

Debbie Fleming

(e-mail address:


Royse Brown

(e-mail address:



Richard Medalie

(e-mail address:


Director at Large

Stephan Beauregard

(e-mail address:




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