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Volume 45, Issue 01


CI Executive Report…Meet the new CI President (p. 05)


IS 2012 Annual Meeting President’s Report (p. 07)


CI Member Statistics (p. 08)


CI Member Profile---Meet Rafi Haftka   (p. 09)


2012 CI Election Results---New Board of Directors and Officers Announced (p. 09)


Ben Best Visits Argentina---Ben’s Report On Cryonics In South America (p. 09)


CI Annual Inspection by ACS (p. 12)


Oregon Cryonics Symposium (p. 13)


Nanobots Coming Soon? (p. 13)


Common Drug Promotes Brain Stem Cell Development  (p. 14)


IS Organ Cryopreservation Prize  (p. 14)


New Australian Cryonics Facility (p. 15)


Cryonics and Time Travel (p. 16)


Secret Formula for Anti-Aging?  (p. 19)


Special Report: Blood Substitution and Reperfusion Injury in Cryonics (p. 20)


2013 Young Cryonicists Gathering (p. 24)


CryoNet on Lawyers  (p. 28)


Final Thoughts---A New Beginning (p. 31)



Volume 45, Issue 02


CI Executive Report…New initiatives at CI  (p. 05)


Appeal from Aaron Winborn--- Drupal Founder Turns To Cryonics (p. 07)


New CI Materials---First Look At Updated Marketing & Educational Plans (p.09)


CI Membership Statistics  (p. 10)


CI Member Profile---Meet Phillipe Vitu  (p. 11)


Cryonics Support Groups---Worldwide Contacts List (p. 13)


Cryonics Film In The Works (p. 14)


3D Printed Skull Implant (p. 14)


Engineering A Kidney (p. 15)


Commercial 3D Printers (p. 15)


Feature Story: Bioprinting (p. 16)


Bioprinting Infographic (p. 19)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Criteria for Criteria: More Ruminations on Self and Survival (p. 22)


New Cryonics Book Proposed: Author Soliciting For Writers (p. 25)


Final Thoughts: Escaping The Fire (p. 26)



Volume 45, Issue 03


CI Executive Report---Info from CI President Dennis Kowalski (p. 05)


Cryonics Convention: Venturist Society Planning Oct. Event (p. 06)


CI Annual General Meeting:  Mark Your Calendars For Sept. 8 (p. 07)


CI Board of Directors Elections (p. 08)


CI Statistics Membership Continues To Grow  (p. 13)


(* Cryonics Groups List: NOTE: The worldwide contacts list will return in the next issue*)


Scientists Create The First Molecular Assembler (p. 14)


Nanotechnology & Cryonics: The Connection Remains (p. 17)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Ettinger Reviews Engines of Creation (p. 22)


Final Thoughts: Integrity (p. 26)



Volume 45, Issue 04


CI Executive Report---Info from CI President Dennis Kowalski (p. 05)


Immortalist Society 2013 Annual General Meeting (p. 07)


CI Membership Statistics: Upward Trend Continues (p. 08)


Cryonics Groups List (p. 09)


CI Meeting Photo Gallery: Photos from the Sept. 8 AGM (p. 10)


Venturist Society Cryonics Conference: Report by Joe Kowalsky (p. 12)


CI Michigan Facility Photos:Facility Upgrades and Renovations (p. 16)


Cryonics Research, Past, Present, and Future (p. 18)


Joe Kowalsky Remarks At The Venturists Convention  (p. 21)


Forms to Get You Cold Quick: Two Forms Cryonicists Need To Know (p. 22)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: It’s Peachy Keen to be a Machine (p. 28)


Book Review: York Porter reviews Klaus H. Sames’ “Applied Human Cryobiology” (p. 29)


Final Thoughts: Courage (p. 30)






Volume 46, Issue 01


CI Executive Report     (p. 05)


Cryonics Checklist: Getting Prepared For Cryostasis  (p. 07)


A Letter from Aaron Winborn: Update From 2013 Charity Recipient  (p. 08)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 09)


Cryonics Groups List  (p. 10)


IS and CI Financial Statements  (p. 11)


CI Inspection Report By York Porter for ACS  (p. 14)

John Bull Tribute: Cryonics Pioneer Enters Cryostasis (p. 15)


Teens and Twenties Event:  LEF’s fifth annual conference


Cryonics Funding in an Inflationary Universe: Rudi Hoffman Explores One Option (p. 19)


The Repairable Human by CI Member Blake Delaney  (p. 22)

Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: 1994 presentation from the 6th Annual Venturist’s Festival (p. 26)


Final Thoughts: Remembering John Bull (p. 30)




Volume 46, Issue 02


 CI Executive Report (p. 05)


 Students Tour CI Facility (p. 06)


Cryonics Checklist: Getting Prepared for Cryostasis (p. 07)


Cryonics Groups List (p. 08)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 09)


BYU Creates Nanoninjector: Breakthrough In Genetic Research (p.10)


Cryonics in Canada (by Christine Gaspar) p. 11


Nanomotors in Living Cells: Nanotech Meets Biology p. 13


Meeting Yourself Coming Out Of The Freezer (by Jim Yount)  (p. 14)


Tiny Tech: Omni Magazine Explores Nnanotech Circa 1986 (p. 19)


Transhumanism For Cryonicists (by Christine Gaspar)  (p. 22)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Part 2 Of The 1994 presentation At The 6th Annual Venturist’s Festival (p. 26)


Final Thoughts: Technology Progresses…Sometimes Quite Slowly  (by York W. Porter)   (p. 30)




Volume 46, Issue 03


Conventions, Conferences, and Cryonics (by Doug Golner) (p.04)


Vote! Vote! Vote! (by York W. Porter)  (p.05)Guest Report


Cryonics Checklist: Getting Prepared For Cryostasis   (p. 06)


Cryonics Groups List (p. 07)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 08)


AGM Information (p. 09)


2014 Elections Coverage (p. 10)


2014 CI  Board of Directors Candidates (p. 11)


Counting Up The Vote: Elections Explained By York W. Porter (p. 17)


2014 Teens & Twenties: Joe Kowalsky Reports On The Event (p. 21)


Future Cryonics Directors: Where Will They Come From? (p. 24)


Applied Cryobiology – "Scientific Symposium on Cryonics” Announcement   (p. 26)


2014 Venturist’s Conference Announcement  (p. 27)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Tom Swift and the Axe Kneelers (p. 28)


Final Thoughts: Latin….  (p. 30)




Volume 46, Issue 04


Long Life’s  New Subscription Policy  (p. 04)


CI Executive Report (p. 05)


Long Life: E- Magazines And The Future (p. 06)


Cryonics Checklist: Planning for your suspension (p. 07)


Cryonics Groups List (p. 08)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 09)


2014 AGM Photo Gallery (p. 10)


2014 IS Annual Meeting Report (p. 09


CI Financial Report (by Steve Luyckx) (p. 13)


Report of ACS Annual Inspection of CI (p. 14)

IS Research Collaboration(by Aschwin de Wolf & Chana Phaedra)  (p. 15)


Canadian TV Crew Shoots At CI (p. 16)


Early Notification: Emergency Tools For Cryonicists  (p. 17)

Cryonics Smart Phone Apps (p. 18)


Cryonics in TV and Movies: How Cryonics Has Been Presented In The Media (p. 20)


2014 Venturist’s Conference: A Brief Report   (p. 22)


Joe Kowalsky’s 2014 Venturist’s Convention Speech   (p. 23)


Hello!!! What about my reanimation?  (p. 26)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Ettinger on Some Of The Human Factors In Cryonics  (p. 28)


Final Thoughts: Knights  (p. 32)







Volume 47, Issue 01


Cryonics Checklist: Planning For Your Suspension (p. 04)


Executive Report:  Optimal Standby Case Report (p. 05)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 06)


Cryonics Groups List (p. 07)


Molecule-Making Machine: Simplifying Complex Chemistry (p. 8)

Targeted Nanomedicines: Keeping Atherosclerosis in Check (p. 09)


Medical Nanoparticles: Local Treatment of Lung Cancer (p. 11)


Frogs in Space? From The Notebooks Of Lazarus  (p. 12)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Ettinger on the Affordability of Cryonics  (p. 16)


Final Thoughts: Mendeleev  (p. 18)




Volume 47, Issue 02


CI President’s Report (p. 05)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 06)


07 Cryonics Groups List (p. 07)


Being a Cryonics Twenty (p. 08)


Oregon Cryonics (p. 10)


Spreading the Word:  Stephan and Magali Beauregard

Promote the Cryonics Institute (p. 13)


Possible Cryonics Procedures at Oregon Cryonics (p. 21)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Ettinger On Alternatives to Cryonics (p. 22)


Final Thoughts: “But Of That Day Knoweth No Man…” (p. 26)



Volume 47, Issue 03


CI President’s Report (p. 05)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 06)


Cryonics Groups List (p. 07)


Annual Meeting Announcement (p. 08)


IS and CI Voting Information (p. 09)


CI Candidate Statements  (p. 10)


Around the World in 80 Days: Putting a Pet Into Suspension  (p. 12)


German Cryonics Symposium (p. 14)


Aging Reversed? Groundbreaking Report From The University of Tsukuba (p. 18)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: The Philosophy of Robert Ettinger (p. 22)


Final Thoughts Westinghouse”  (p. 26)


Volume 47, Issue 04


Cryonics Checklist: Planning For Your Suspension (p. 04)


CI Executive Report: CI Election Results (p. 06)


IS AGM Report (p. 07)


IS and CI Financial Reports (p. 09)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 14)


Cryonics Groups List (p. 15)


2015 AGM Photos (p. 16)


2016 Teens and Twenties (p. 17)


Prospect of Immortality: 50 Years Later (p. 18)


Anti-Aging Program: National Geographic Special (p. 20)


From Cryonics Magazine: The Case for Whole-Body Cryopreservation (p. 22)


Death With Dignity: New Law May Affect Cryonics  (p. 29)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: ”Icing Your Assets” (p. 32)


Final Thoughts: “It’s A Miracle!’  (p. 34)







Volume 48, Issue 01



Cryonics Checklist: Planning For Your Suspension (p. 04)


CI Executive Report (p. 06)


Joe Kowalsky Spreads the Word (p. 07)


A Young Voice in Cryonics (p. 10)


Longecity: An Online Forum for Cryonicists (p. 11)


CI Statistics (p. 12)


Cryonics Groups List (p. 13)


Economies of Scale, First Response, and Funding Reanimation: (p. 14)


CI Hires New Employee Meet Hilary McCauley (p. 17)


Caveat “Reador”aka “Sometimes we ain’t perfect” (p. 18)


Teens and Twenties (p. 19)


Brain Preservation Prize--What It Means For Cryonics -An Analysis by Aschwin DeWolf  (p. 20)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Leonardo Would Have Been a Cryonicist (p. 23)


Final Thoughts: “Dr Bliss & Mr. Garfield’ (p. 34)



Volume 48, Issue 02


CI Executive Report (p. 06)


Joe Kowalsky Spreads the Word (Part 2)  (p. 08)


2016 AGM Announcement (p. 10)


RAAD Festival Announcement (p. 11)


CI Membership Stats (p. 12)


Cryonics Groups List (; 13)


Robo-Trusts:  Computer Managed Revival Trusts (p. 14)


USBank May Manage Trusts (p. 15)


Freezing Everyone on Earth? (p. 15)



Are Assemblers Already Here?  From Singularity Hub (p. 17)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Ettinger on “Riposte When Scientists Aren’t” (p. 18)


Final Thoughts: “Transfusing Blood’ (p 26)




Volume 48, Issue 03


CI Executive Report (p. 06)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 07)


Cryonics Group List (p. 08)


2016 AGM Announcement (p. 09)


CI Voting: Info On The Election  (p. 10)


2016 Candidate Statements (p. 11)


Advanced Neural Biosciences 2016 Report (p. 16)


Nottingham Dollies:  Revisiting The Famous Sheep Cloning Experiment (p. 17)


The Second Coming of Robert Ettinger (p. 20)


Report of the CI Inspection by ACS   (p. 26)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy Column: Split Brains, Consciousness, and Identity  (p. 30)


Final Thoughts: “Evolution’ (p. 33)



Volume 48, Issue 04



CI Executive Report (p. 06)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 08)


Cryonics Group Lisr (09)


2016 CI/IS Annual Meetings Report/Photos (p. 10)


2016 IS Annual Meeting Minutes (p. 13)


Cryonics News Interviews Roland Missionier (p. 14)


Dog Into Superdog: Theo Rogers Examines Pet Cryopreservation (p. 16)


Cryonics for Beginners (p. 17)


If I Was a Millionaire: Part 1 - How Would You Help The Cryonics Movement?/Viewpoints of York W. Porter and Marta Sandberg (p. 20)


Terahertz Radiation Could Help Us Read Closed Books  (p. 24)


Looking Back: An Editorial From April of 1973  (p 25).


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy Column: Could Drexler Have Saved Campbell?   (p. 26)


Final Thoughts: “Run Silent, Run Deep” (p. 28)







Volume 49, Issue 01


CI Executive Report (p 07)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 09)


Cryonics Group Lisr (p. 10)


ACS Inspection Report (p. 11)


Annual Meeting Reminder (p. 16)


International Cryonics Summit Notice (p. 16)


Remembering Edgar Swank (p. 17)


Teens & Twenties Meeting Announcement (p. 21)


Looking Back Column from March of 1981: How Will They Bring Us Back?  (p. 22)


Looking Back from November of 1986:  Machinery vs the Supernatural (p. 27)


Looking Back From December of 1986: "Sloppy Thinking” in Nanotech  (p. 30)


Looking Back from October of 1984: The Scientific Case for Cryonics  (p. 34)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy Column:  Community Ethics in Cryonics from November of 1984 and March of 1985  (p. 37)


Final Thoughts: Say It Ain’t So, Joe  (p. 41)



Volume 49, Issue 02


CI Executive Report  (p. 06)


08 CI Membership Statistics (p. 08)


Cryonics Group List  ( p. 09)


AGM Meeting Notice (p. 10)


The Technology of Repair, Revival and Rejuventation, Part I (p. 11)


Cryonics Protocols at the Cryonics Institute: Research and Practice, Part I  (p. 22)


If I Was Millionaire: Part 2/Viewpoints of John Day and Rudi Hoffman  (p. 27)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy:  Robert Ettinger “Goes to Court” (p. 32)


Final Thoughts: Jumping Out Of A Perfectly Good Airplane  (p. 41)



Volume 49, Issue 03


2017 AGM (p. 06)


Board of Directors Candidates (p. 08)


Cryonics Institute Statistics (p. 10)


Cryonics Groups (p. 11)


The Technology of Repair, Revival, and Rejuventation - Part II  (p. 12)


Advanced Neural Biosystems in  2017 (p. 21)


A Look at an International Viewpoint  (p. 22)


Kent Cullers: A Visionary without vision (p. 26)


We Need Your Views: A Survey By Futurist Melanie Swan (p. 30)


Robert Ettinger’s Legacy: Ettinger on Rossman’s Non-Self Centered Self (p. 31)


Final Thoughts: Olga and Pearl (p. 41)



Volume 49, Issue 04


CI Executive Report  (p. 04)


AGM Election Results & Photos (p. 05)


IS 2017 AGM Meeting Minutes (p. 10)


2107 ACS Inspection Report (p. 11)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 16)


Worldwide Cryonics Groups (p. 17)


Cryonics Protocols at CI, Part II – Stabilization  (p. 18)

2018 Teens and Twenties Conference (p. 25)


The Technology of Repair, Revival and Rejuvenation - Part III  (p. 26)


“If I Had a Million Dollars”/Thoughts by Theo Rogers (p. 36)


Looking Back:- L.A. Law and Arguing for Cryonics  (p. 39)


The Legacy Continues:- Robert Ettinger on Morticians and Cryonics (p. 43)


Final Thoughts: “Go Fly a Kite” (p. 45)


IS Financial Report  (p. 48)


CI Financial Statements (p. 49)






Volume 50, Issue 01


CI Executive Report ( p. 06)


Worldwide Cryonics Groups  (p. 08)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 10)


Concepts of Identity and the Growth of Cryonics (p. 11)


RAAD Fest 2018 Announcement  (p. 17)


Keepers of the Way  (p. 18)


Technology of Revival, Repair & Rejuvenation – Part  IV (p. 20)


Looking Back:  - Spectre of the Future Horribilus  (p. 30)


The Legacy Continues:  Robert Ettinger on Substrate-Independent Minds (p. 33)


Final Thoughts:  “Can You Give Me The Correct Time, Sir? (p. 37)



Volume 50, Issue 02


CI Executive Report  (p. 06)


2018 Annual Meeting  (p. 08)


Worldwide Cryonics Groups  (p. 09)


CI Membership Statistics  (p. 11)


Cryonics Pioneer Robert Nelson Cryopreserved  (p. 12)


Cryonics Protocols: Cryoprotection  (p. 13)


If I Had a Million Dollars: Neal VanDeRee’s Viewpoint  (p. 18)


RAAD Fest 2018 Announcement  (p. 20)


Looking Back:- Mae Ettinger at Asimlomar (p. 21)


The Legacy Continues:- Robert Ettinger on Back to Basics p. 27)


Final Thoughts: “The Luckiest Girl in the World”  (p. 33)



Volume 50, Issue 03


CI Executive Report  ( p. 06)


2018 Annual Meeting (p. 08)


2019 Teens & Twenties Announcement  (p. 17)


Worldwide Cryonics Groups  (p. 18)

The Affordable Immortal-New Book Serial Exclusive to Long Life--Chapter One(p. 10)


Oregon Cryonics on the Move  (p. 20)


Cryonics Protocols: Part 4  (p. 23)

Joe Kowalsky Gives A Cryoprize Update (p. 28)


Looking Back: “the Big Chill”  (p. 29)


The Legacy Continues: Robert Ettinger writes ”On Alice Rosenbaum’s Shoulders”(p. 35)


Final Thoughts: “Lost at Sea” (p. 41)



Volume 50, Issue 04


CI Executive Report  (p. 06)


The Affordable Immortal: Chapter Two (p. 08)


Remembering Hugh  (p. 12)


Meet Hugh Hart    (p. 13)


Selling Cryonics   (p. 13)


Membership Statistics  (p. 15)


Worldwide Cryonics Groups  (p. 16)


2019 Teens & Twenties Announcement  (p. 18)

 Feature stories


“I’ll be Glad When You’re Dead, Ned”  (p. 19)


Determination   (p. 21)


Adventures in Responsibility (p. 23)


The Legacy Continues: Robert Ettinger writes about ”On Nanotechnology and

Cryonics” (p. 30)


Final Thoughts: “A Matter of Conscience” (p. 41)







Volume 51, Issue 01



CI Executive Report  (p. 06)


ACS Inspection Report (p. 07)


The Affordable Immortal: Chapter Three (p. 14)


Standby - What YOU Can Do  (p. 20)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 21)


Worldwide Cryonics Groups (p. 22)


“Horse Apples”: Will Silver Charm II Be A Contender? (p. 24)


Looking Back: Cryonic-Hibernation In Light Of The Bioethical Principles Of Beauchamp And Childress  (p. 27)


The Legacy Continues;  Robert Ettinger writes on:  ”Drexler Machines” (p. 30)


Final Thoughts: “Thar She Blows”  p. 41)



Volume 51, Issue 02


CI Executive Report  (p. 06)


Cryonics Movie To Premiere At Rhode Island International Film Festival  (p. 07)


CI Board of Directors Election Info  (p. 08)


CI Board of Directors Candidates Statements (p. 09)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 10)


Time Travel for Cryonauts  (p. 11)


Reanimated in ...1981?  (p. 18)


The Affordable Immortal: Chapter Four  (p. 20)

Backstagae at the 2019 Florida Cryonics Symposium  (p. 23)


Looking Back: Cryonics and Orthodoxy


The Legacy Continues: Robert Ettinger writes on ”Nozick’s Problem”  (p. 31)


Final Thoughts: “Trapped”  (p. 37)



Volume 51, Issue 03


CI Executive Report  ( p. 06)


Cryonics Symposium International at the Church of Perpetual Life  (p. 08)


CI Membership Statistics (p. 12)


History of Cryonics Newsletters (p. 13)


The Affordable Immortal: Chapter Five  (p. 33)


Teens and Twenties Meeting Announcement (p. 39)


Advanced Neural Biosciences 2019 Update (p. 40)


The Legacy Continues: Robert Ettinger writes on ”Determinism” (p. 43)


Final Thoughts: “Just to Survive” (p. 49)



Volume 51, Issue 04


CI Executive Report


 CI Membership Statistics


 ACS Annual Examination of CI  (p. 08)


First Case of Brain Preservation Done In Argentina


Done in Argentina  (p. 17)


ACS - The First 50 Years  (p. 20)


Building a Cryonics Community- A Historical Perspective  (p. 24)


The Affordable Immortal: Chapter Six  (p. 30)


The Legacy Continues: - Robert Ettinger on ”Perspectives of Progress” (p. 36)


RAAD Fest Info (p. 39)


Final Thoughts: “Lost on the Mountain” (p. 41)


2019 CI Financial Reports (p. 44)